Harold Hillman’s unique background and extensive experience enables him to bring a rich and robust perspective to any business or public forum.

Harold’s experience as a psychologist, business executive and owner, director and executive coach positions him to cover a wide array of topics that range from personal development to national trends in business and leadership.

You will find various links on this website that will enable you to experience Harold’s style, as well as his ability to explain concepts and models in ways that are practical and easy to grasp.

Harold is most often invited to speak on the topics below:

•The Power of Emotional Intelligence
•The Impostor Syndrome: Becoming an Authentic Leader
•Empathy: Making it Real for Leaders
•Leading Change
•Inclusion & Diversity
•High Performing Teams
•Executive Vitality & Resilience
•How to Build a Learning Organisation
•Talent Strategies
•Accelerating Executive Presence

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