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Whatever your role or job, you need to find the ‘sweet spot’ where you can fit in to your team, yet have the ability to express your true opinions in a way that will be heard and accepted. This book is about finding that sweet spot. It is an essential read for anyone who:

1. wants to make sure they are heard, regardless of rank or position
2. is currently going through induction into a new team or organisation
3. is on the fringe of a team, struggling to have impact
4. leads a team and wants to ensure each member can play an effective role
5. runs a company and wants to ensure the culture is conducive to authentic leadership at all level

Contents of Fitting In Standing Out

1. It Starts Early
2. Your Sweet Spot
3. The Focus of This Book
4. Demystifying Authenticity
5. About Social Order
6. What Social Order Looks Like at Work
7. It’s Like Any Relationship
8. The Power of Frames
9. Fitting In — Two Profiles
10. Fitting In — The Give and Take
11. Standing Out — Two Profiles
12. Standing Out — The Give and Take
13. The Spectrum
14. What Companies Can Do
15. Finding Your Voice

Activity 1 — Your Experience with Fit
Activity 2 — Authenticity Synthesis
Activity 3 — You and the Social Order at Work
Activity 4 — Adjusting Your Frames
Activity 5 — Your Sweet Spot
Activity 6 — No Fear
Activity 7 — The Give and Take

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