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Have you ever walked away from a conversation wondering how it could have turned out so badly? You started with the best intentions. To listen. And then everything seemed to unravel. Worst yet, you later learn that you have a reputation as a poor listener. If you want to communicate better, it may be time to do a re-frame on what it means to really listen to someone.

You’ll never be a good listener if you have nothing to learn from another person….or from the team. When people engage with you in conversation, do they experience someone who is open or closed? Helpful or unhelpful? To be a better teammate, you don’t want to leave these questions to chance. Learning how to listen more effectively will lift your capability and confidence as a leader. For a team, effective listening will lead to better decisions and strong results. This book introduces six ways to listen:

1. Listening with compassion,
2. Listening to reflect
3. Listening for assumptions,
4. Listening as the contrarian
5. Listening for balance
6. Listening for the system

Strong leaders know which listing style is needed, and when. It pays to know the difference.

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