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Three Basic Truths:

1. My Growth Determines Who I Am: I can be effective and relevant this year, but if I am not growing and learning I will not be next year. Personal growth is not automatic, if I want to make sure I am a growing leader then I need to have a plan. Earl Nightingale “If a person will spend 1 hour a day on the same subject for 5 years, he will become an expert on that subject.” That is how far we can go when we are disciplined.

2. Who I am Determines Who I Attract: You can’t fly with eagles when you run around with turkeys. In leadership we attract people like us, if we are growing and developing we will attract people like that.

3. Who I Attract Determines My Success: I need to be able to attract people who will help me be successful. Some people have a high IQ but a low EQ (emotional intelligence), we need a high EQ to attract people. We need to look at where we want our teams to go, envision that team, are you the leader that team needs? Where do you need to develop yourself to get there?
Personal Development time needs to be one of the first things on a calendar. The pressures of life have a tendency to push out the priorities and activity does not equal achievement. You have to be able to schedule.

Source: LE Podcast Episode 006: Personal Growth and Development - The Leader's Edge