People who love their jobs pop out of bed in the morning, energized, ready to go. They are uniquely engaged, and are uniquely passionate about what they do. They come home at night still full of energy, ready to share it with their families. These people do exist, they’re not mythical creatures. They’re real and they share two things in common:

#1. (7:46) People who love their jobs have great lives.

#2. (8:43) Love worthy jobs are made, not found.

How would you like to become one of these people? Take charge of your happiness by following Shane's 5 life design strategies (starts at 15:01 in the video):

#1. Test drive the future. Get to know your future self so you can make choices and changes at your job today.

#2. Trust your gut. Be sensitive to the reactions of other people in the workplace. Are you surrounded by caring coworkers? Stop hanging out with the people you don’t care about. Start hanging out more with the people who care about you.

#3. Play to your strengths. Doing what you do best makes you feel and work better.

#4. Craft your job. Cue up your day in a different way and slowly shape your job over time into one that you love.

#5. Shop for the right boss. Only 1 in 10 bosses are great bosses: shoot for good bosses who get the most out of you and care about your wellbeing.

The central message is simple: happiness depends on the goodness of our jobs, and those good jobs are made, not found.


Source: The Secrets of People Who Love Their Jobs | Shane Lopez | TEDxLawrence