The E6 leadership framework answers the question: "What are the major practices of leadership that we must enact on a continual basis, to be able to have the amount of influence and impact we desire?"

  • E1 - Envision: great leaders envision a compelling, different and vibrant future. Where there's no vision - people perish.
  • E2 - Enlist: as you're developing this vision, enlist other people to share their voices, perspectives, dreams and desires.
  • E3 - Embody your message: portray what you're believing in.
  • E4 - Empower people: give people the decision-making authority and the trust to be able to work towards this vision.
  • E5 - Evaluate: the key people, their skills, their needs etc.
  • E6 - Encourage: light people up on a continual basis.

Great leaders don't have followers - they have collaborators. It's not just you, the leader, it's a group, a peer set of leaders - the movers and shakers who are shaping and making this vision happen every single day.

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Source: What Great Leaders Actually Do - Brendon Burchard