AON: 2015 Trends in Employee Engagement: Making Engagement Happen

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Some great pieces of information and metrics included in this report. One is the drivers of engagement. These include:

1. Company Practices (foundation)

a) Communication

b) Customer focus

c) Diversity and inclusion

d) Enabling infrastructure

e) Talent and staffing

2. The Basics (foundation)

a) Benefits

b) Job security

c) Safety

d) Work environment

e) Work/life balance

3. The Work (foundation)

a) Collaboration

b) Empowerment/autonomy

c) Work tasks

4. Brand (differentiators)

a) Reputation

b) Brand/EVP

c) Corporate responsibility

5. Leadership (differentiators)

a) Senior leadership

b) BU leadership

6. Performance (differentiators)

a) Career opportunities

b) Learning and development

c) Performance management

d) People management

e) Rewards and recognition

Source: 2015 Trends in Global Employee Engagement: Making Engagement Happen - AON