Deloitte: Tracking The Trends 2016

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As commodity prices continue to hit historically low levels, mining companies are struggling to recalibrate. The industry faces a host of unresolved challenges - from tumbling demand and declining grades to mounting stakeholder expectations and a lack of financing.

In this 2016 edition of Tracking the trends Deloitte explore not only well-trodden themes, but also ancillary themes miners must take into account if they hope to navigate an increasingly uncertain future - including a look at China's painful transition, an overview of exponential technologies and a discussion of the ways in which a shifting global energy mix may alter the demand for specific commodities.

Key issues explored in this report:

  • Going lean – Operational excellence remains front and centre
  • Innovation: the next generation – Preparing for exponential change
  • China’s painful transition – Looking for the silver lining
  • Adjusting to the new normal – What goes down must come up
  • The shifting global energy mix – Preparing for inevitable change
  • Engagement party – Changing the nature of stakeholder dialogues
  • The capital crisis – Starved of finance, miners struggle to survive
  • A taxing time for miners – A global tax reset challenges yesterday’s tax management
  • The M&A paradox – To buy or not to buy; that is the question
  • Safe, secure and healthy – An expanded view of corporate and personal welfare


Source: Tracking The Trends 2016 - Are We There Yet?