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The Five Technology Vision 2016 Trends included in this review are:

Trend 1: Intelligent Automation – Intelligent automation is the launching pad for new growth and innovation.

Trend 2: Liquid Workforce – Companies are investing in the tools and technologies they need to keep pace with constant change in the digital era.

Trend 3: Platform Economy – The next wave of disruptive innovation will arise from the technology-enabled, platform driven ecosystems now taking shape across industries.

Trend 4: Predictable Disruption – Every business now understands the transformational power of digital. What few, though, have grasped is quite how dramatic and ongoing the changes arising from new platform based ecosystems will be.

Trend 5: Digital Trust – Pervasive new technologies raise potent new digital risk issues. Without trust, businesses cannot share and use the data that underpins their operations.

Source: Technology Trends - Technology Vision 2016