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Four character strengths leaders need:

  • 1. Integrity: Walk the talk. That is what integrity really is all about. At the heart of integrity is being consistent, honest, moral, and trustworthy. Leaders with integrity are consistent in the face of adversity, show consistency in their words and actions, and are unfailing with who they are and what they stand for (Palanski & Yammarino, 2007).
  • 2. Bravery: As the saying goes, it is lonely at the top. Bravery is needed to stand out on your own. Bravery is defined as acting with valor by not shrinking from threat, challenge, difficulty, nor pain; speaking up for what is right even when opposition exists; and acting upon conviction despite facing an unpopular environment (Peterson & Seligman, 2004).
  • 3. Perspective: When you are at the top of an organization it is important that you pay attention and focus on the horizon of business opportunities and challenges. Top-level executives need the broadest of business perspectives to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors (Hambrick & Mason, 1984) and to make decisions that position the organization for long-term success.
  • 4. Social Intelligence: Social intelligence is needed at the top and middle of the organizational hierarchy. Social intelligence is the awareness of your and others’ motives and feelings (you have a sense of what makes you and others tick) and having the agility to adapt your behaviour to what the situation dictates (Peterson & Seligman, 2004).

Source: Leadership Insights & Research from the Center for Creative Leadership